Cross Training Center’s mission is to empower disadvantaged and under educated men and women to attain employment and self sufficiency through character development, vocational training and job experience. We do this in a unique way where we operate businesses where our students work to learn. They gain work skills and experiences that will help them become productive and successful.

We operate a full service electronic recycling business called Cross Electronic Recycling; a computer and electronics store called Redeemed Computers & Electronics; a full service auto repair shop called Cross Automotive and a social hall rental called Cross Events.

These are the businesses we operate in order to provide work experience and hands-on vocational training for our students. Every time you use our services, you are helping us provide vocational training and work experience for our students.

Redeemed Computers & Electronics – When you are looking to purchase a computer, laptop or any other electronics, stop by our store and browse – you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find great bargains.

Cross Automotive – Cross Automotive provides expert service for your vehicle repairs and maintenance.  Expert Service, Value Priced.

Cross Electronic Recycling – Cross Electronic Recycling accepts our-of-service electronics, appliances and other equipment for recycling and refurbishing. Click here to learn about what we accept and our drop off hours.

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