The Importance of Hands-On Learning

In today’s classrooms, students now complete handouts and sit through lectures, taking endless notes and reading through expensive textbooks. The hands-on experience that used to be a key to building a well rounded student has now vanished from the classroom.

Being hands-on is largely important in the classroom because it allows students to engage in kinesthetic learning. Studies have shown that kinesthetic learning, where a student carries out physical activities rather than listening to a lecture. 

It empowers students to experiment with trial and error, learn from their mistakes, and understand the potential gaps between theory and practice. It helps them become more prepared for real-life situations dealing with learning and training.

And most important, it provides educators and trainers with a unique opportunity to enrich the minds of their students in new and engaging ways. 

Cross Training Center provides real hands-on work experience that can be listed on job applications, training soft skills and workplace etiquette skills that are needed in the workplace!

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