Littering is simply throwing away objects on the ground or leaving them lying on the ground instead of disposing them in a garbage can, recycling bin or trash container. Not only does it make the beautiful outdoors look not so beautiful anymore, but it’s awful for the environment!

It can cause accidents, it kills animals and plants, and it spoils water quality.

How can littering be prevented?

  • Ensure consistent and ongoing cleanup efforts.
  • Set an example by not littering.
  • Pick up one piece of litter every day.
  • Teach others the proper way to dispose of trash.
  • Make sure trash cans have lids; avoid setting out open containers or boxes of trash.
  • Ask neighbors to join you in cleaning up litter in public areas.
  • Get local government involved by collecting bags of litter and disposing of them properly. 
  • Plant and maintain flowers along a curb, sidewalk, or park to beautify an area.
  • Ask business owners to check dumpsters daily to be sure lids are closed.

Littering is wrong. We have trash and garbage cans for a reason, so what is the point of throwing away your trash on the ground when you could throw it away in its intended place? Let’s not be lazy and take care of our planet!